Wednesday, November 4, 2009


This past Saturday, I had a blast from the past with a luncheon at Zodiac at Neiman Marcus. I remember being a little girl and going to eat there and feeling so special. It really isn't fancy, but I love it because it reminds me fo the days of the shopping trip experience. You'd dress up and go with friends and wear white gloves and have lunch at Zodiac while they prepared your packages.
The special part of this certain luncheon was the company. We ate with my mom, grandmother and another set of 3 generations- Mrs. Carolyn Coggin, Mrs. Olivia Eudaly and my friend Deborah Desario. It is so special to have 3 generations of women that are all friends. It's actually 4 generations because Deborah's son, Marshall and Cooper are the same age and will grow up around each other. We ate popovers and souffle and drank tea. We ended the meal with a yummy dessert in honor of my mom's recent birthday.

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