Wednesday, November 18, 2009

8 Months

Our Little (Big) Man is 8 months old! He is more precious every day! It has been a great month!

The News of the Month
-no doctor check up, so no new stats on weight or height
-He has crawled some but prefers the army crawl. He can move!
-FOUR!! new teeth came in all at once, so he now has the bottom two and the top four
-pretty much wrapping up baby food-YEAH!- because he can eat pretty much anything we cut up now
-Constant pink cheeks and diaper rash
-Saying Dada a lot and once in a very blue moon Mama
-Done with pretty much all baby contraptions except the occasional minute in the excersaucer. I'm ready to have my living room back!
-Still a good sleeper and eater
- Loves church and Nana's house
- Flaps his arms and kicks his legs when he's excited. I love that he is so demonstrative with his motions since he's so quiet

Coming this month...
babyproofing, new carseat, first airplane ride

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AK said...

Can't wait to squeeze those cheeks!