Sunday, May 30, 2010


Caroline did a fabulous job at her first ballet recital. She is so very serious, but she hit every mark and step. I was so proud of her! No crazy antics- she just did her very best! We were so proud!

Natalie and Caroline

Saturday, May 29, 2010


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

So Blessed

This was a very relaxing Mothers Day for me. We enjoyed the Fort Worth Club's Mothers Day brunch after church. It is so special for me to get to take my kids there. Caroline loved hearing about how Aunt Allie and I used to get dressed up and eat there when we were little. The food was amazing, of course, and it was so enjoyable to spend that time with the family.

Poor Dad is still suffering from pneumonia, but stuck it out and joined us for lunch!

Our typical family picture
My girl

4 generations
Cooper was so enthralled by the violinists. He would stop eating (that's saying something) and watch them anytime they were near.

Nana, Papa and Tater
Coop loved looking out the window by our table
Caroline was a bit more cautious as usual

Papa's Little Man

He Can Fly

Friday night Mom, Caroline and I celebrated Mothers Day a little early. We went out to a restaurant that Chris refuses to eat at, and then we took in Peter Pan at Casa Manana. I'd already seen it with my class but didn't mind sitting through it again to spend the time with Caroline.

She is now on a pirate kick- lovely

Getting autographs
Caroline's choir teacher played Peter!
This guy was fabulous!
I got this text to show what Chris and Coop were doing that night. They are born males! Already laying down watching baseball with no shirt on!


Caroline is completing her second year of ballet. We thought that ballet would be the perfect activity for her because she is very girly and wasn't very competitive. This process has taught me so much about how Caroline is still growing and changing. Getting her to go has become like pulling teeth! She never wants to! I think I have narrowed it down to the fact that you spend much of your time practicing the same thing over and over and have very few performances. She feels like once she has somewhat mastered something, she needs a new challenge (you're welcome for that, Baby). She has gotten very restless without pretty regular goals to accomplish. So, we may be taking a break from ballet for a bit after her recital. Time to try something else!
We did have fun getting dressed up for pictures the other day though.

Hello spaghetti legs!

Her buddies Natalie and Grace

Starting off the Spring

My favorite thing about spring, next to Easter dresses and bluebonnets, is the start of baseball season. Between Chris' softball, TCU baseball and the Ranger games, we hit 6 ballgames in 5 days! I couldn't be happier!