Friday, March 16, 2012

"I Treeeee!!"

Our crazy little guy turned 3 last week. When we asked him where he wanted to have his party he said, "CHICKEN APPLES!!!" (McDonalds). When we asked him what kind of party he wanted he said, "Capt-erica" (Captain America). So that's what we did! It was simple and the kids had a blast. I also learned a good mom lesson- parties are meant to celebrate those we love, not stress us out. When I tried to make things look like they came out of a magazine, it was about me- not Coop. I find a lot of joy in making things cute and creative, but I made an intentional effort not to go overboard. It really paid off! We had a memorable, stress-free party!
I decided on cupcakes this year. Coop wanted "buuuu," so we went with blue velvet.
Mom and I had a great time making these party favors.
He loved having everyone sing to him!
He immediately took possession of his Hulk Hands!
This is how I found him sleeping that night.
This party was certainly a success. He was happy- so I was happy!
Cooper has been such a joy in our lives. He brings so much energy into our household. With that comes a really strong will, but thankfully a very sweet heart. I can't wait to see how God uses our Little Mighty for his kingdom. We are thankful for the chance to walk this journey with him!