Monday, December 29, 2008

Caroline in Concert

Caroline gave us a rather unusual treat tonight. She stood right up on the fireplace (just like Allison and I did at that age and older...) and sang us every song she knew. I was very surprised because even though she isn't shy, she will never perform. She doesn't like to sing if she knows you're listening and she certainly will never let us record it! So... without further ado- Caroline.

Just in case you don't recognize what she is singing, it's the Little Mermaid.

And we added in a little "dancing" at the end.

We just got back from a quick trip up to Wichita Falls to see my grandparents. We went to see the Burns Festival of Lights (photos to come) and browsed around the mall, but most importantly, we ate at Gene's Tasty Burger. My family has a long history with this grease pit that goes back several generations. It's the best burger in town!

Christmas Pictures Coming Soon...

Monday, December 15, 2008

Run Laura Run!

My sweet Laura completed her first marathon. Despite ridiculous winds and a painful knee, she did it in right at 4 hours!! I am so proud of her (and our other friend Hannah!)!

Mom hosted a fabulous Mother/Daughter Tea and Cookie Exchange on Saturday for some of Caroline best little friends. We each brought three dozen cookies to exchange. Since Caroline is so into Rudolph, we picked a reindeer cookie to give!

When we got there we feasted on finger sandwiches, petite fours and scones. Of course we had some fabulous hot tea. Then we wrapped up the party with the decorating of gingerbread houses.

It was definitely a time to remember for all of us!

Hand prints

We continued our yearly tradition of making our hand print wrapping paper. Caroline's hands are getting so big and I think this has been one of her favorite activities this year!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Monday, December 8, 2008

Dad's Yard

OK, this is Dad's yard this year. He now has 4 inflatables for Caroline and they also decorated her playhouse!

Santa and Gingerbread Houses

I just had to post this picture of Caroline and Lola with Santa. Could those be faker smiles???

Yesterday, we went to Laura's for the annual gingerbread house party. I am SO bad at this, but I just cover it with icing and junk so you can't see that the structure is shameful!

Hannah was the rookie and kicked my tail!

The hostess

Long Overdue...

I am WAY behind (like a month) posting this stuff! For Chris' birthday, I had all of our friends surprise him at a Mexican restaurant. We had a great time! When we went home, we ate his favorite- banana pudding and had our first fire of the season!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Granbury Christmas Parade

For the past 8 years my family has spent Thanksgiving in Glen Rose. That new tradition conflicted with an old tradition- the Fort Worth Lights Parade. We have found a new, fabulous alternative.

The Granbury Lights Parade is the perfect small town parade. It is just 20 minutes or so from where we stay and the shops are all open!! They pass out candles and sing Christmas carols over a PA system and the entire crowd sings along! It is awesome! Another cool thing is that the parade is sponsored by a local association of churches, so the float themes are all about Baby Jesus! At the end of the parade, they count down and light up the courthouse!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Baby Update...

A bunch of you have been asking for a belly picture and I have hesitated to take one because I just have not felt like documenting my weight gain!! It really is not bad, but that is what I thought last time and I look back at those pictures and cringe! Anyway, I am a pretty small person, so a few pounds here or there is not easy to camouflage!

I am about to start my third trimester and I am feeling way better than I did. the constant throwing up was definitely a drag, but that has passed. I have really enjoyed going to a yoga class with my friend Sara, who is expecting just a few weeks after me!

About the baby... His name is Cooper Dean Cook. He is already really big. Both times I have had a sonogram recently they have commented on how long his legs were. At my 20 week appointment. His legs measured 2 weeks longer than the rest of his body! We are so excited to get to do the boy thing!

Well, that's about it!! I'll keep you updated!