Monday, November 30, 2009

Headed to VA

We left out early the Sunday morning before Thanksgiving to go see Allison and Anthony in Virginia Beach. Mom and Dad joined us later that night. Man I needed some beach time!
We were so blessed to have an extra seat next to me on the flight so Cooper had some space and I had some sanity!
We went straight from the airport to SEAFOOD and SWEET TEA!
Caroline loving on Coop at lunch on Monday, probably right as our car was being towed... that's another story
After the towing craziness, we headed over to our favorite local bakery. Caroline was extra excited because Mom's nickname for her is "Sugar Plum"
Oh yes
Coop hyped up on sugar

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AK said...

I love that picture of us with Caroline at Chicks! It was also nice to see the pictures of Jamestown since none of the rest of us remembered to bring cameras!