Monday, November 30, 2009

Chillin' and Travelin'

We were able to spend our last 2 days really relaxing. We started Friday off with a yummy breakfast of homemade donuts. Mom used a recipe that she grew up making and let me tell you, it did not disappoint!
The girls stayed home while the guys were taken on a tour of the Norfolk Naval Base by a friend. I think they were all ready to enlist by the end of it. What is it with men, guns and large hunks of steel??
While they were touring, the girls and kids knocked out a number of our favorite Christmas movies. We did a lot of chatting and crossword puzzles. It was such a relief to spend the day at home!
That night, we took in the light on the Virginia Beach boardwalk. They close off the entire boardwalk and allow cars to drive all the way to down it to view the lights. They had huge light displays on the beach and over the boardwalk. It took some time to get through the line of cars, but it was well worth it!
Sadly, on Saturday, it was time to make the trek home. We were happy to get to squeeze in a breakfast with some dear friends. Tim and Jen Zittle worked at Travis when Chris and I were in high school and we enjoyed hanging out with them as 'couples.' We had a great time of food and fellowship before dashing off to the airport.
I spent most of the trip thinking about different travel issues that come with traveling with a baby and 4 year old. Boy I was ready to blog all of my frustrations! Now that I have cooled down some. I've decided to spare you all that rant. Let's just say I was stressed and glad it was over! I do need to ask if anyone in their right mind thinks a 8 month old could have a bomb in his size 1 Chuck Taylors?? Ok, I'll stop right there. Caroline was able to enjoy the rocking chair during our layover in St. Louis.

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