Tuesday, August 24, 2010

1st day of kindergarten

Today was the day I've been anticipating and dreading at the same time. My baby girl joined me at school for the first time. The idea of having her with me on campus has been something I've been looking forward to since she was born. I haven't been very emotional, but it has hit me a few random times. Like when I was talking about her pick up routine. The idea of her walking off into the carpool line made me weepy! She has had no nerves about the big changes! She is so brave! Her teacher is a friend of mine this, so she already knew her. I think that helped.
Anyway, she was up long before the sun and couldn't wait to get there!
Hanging out in my room before it was time to go to her room.
One last picture with mom.

Walking to her class

She is so lucky to have a good friend from church in her class. His name is Ford and she was happy they got to sit by each other.
Caroline and Mrs. Collier
I didn't see her all day until dismissal and by then she was happy but on overload. She crashed hard in car, but shared lots of details over dinner.
I can't wait to see how she does on this new adventure. I've been praying that it shapes her and that she points others to Christ in the process!

5 and 1/6

Caroline was lucky enough to be the recipient of a second birthday party this past weekend. Chris' mom threw party for his family to celebrate Caroline turning 5. It was a great time!
She took the blowing out of the candles very seriously
The boys
She got several new dress up outfits!
I call this picture the paparazzi!
Of course Cooper could not be left out! Papa Charlie gave Cooper his first set of six shooters. How do boys come out of the womb making gun sounds?

Meet the Teacher

My big girl started kindergarten this week *tear* and it has been such a busy time! Last week we went to meet her teacher. Her teacher's name is Stacey Collier, and she is a sweet friend of mine. I cannot wait to see how Caroline does in her classroom! I know she will learn so much under Mrs. Collier!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

More Flags More Fun

My Sweet Caroline is starting kindergarten in two weeks *tear* so Chris and I decided we would take her to Six Flags for the first time as a big kid. We left Coop with my mom and headed out. It was H-O-T, but luckily it wasn't super crowded. She could hardly sleep the night before!
Don't we all have this sun-in-the-face picture at the Six Flags entrance??
She warmed up when she saw "The Three Little Pigs" She has no idea who Porky is but we didn't feel the need to correct her...
We started at the Conquistador (the big swinging ship) and that was a huge hit. We moved on to the Mini Mine Train. She was well, underwhelmed, and wanted a bigger ride, so we went right next door to the Runaway Mine Train. She loved it and was ready for more!
So we looked on the map to see what she was tall enough to ride, and to our surprise, she was big enough for the Shock Wave. I remember what a big deal my first upside-down ride, so I couldn't believe she was old enough!! We showed it to her and she was game, so we got in line. This is her right before...
We couldn't believe it, but she LOVED it! We ended up riding it three times! Our little girl has no fear! Next, we rode the Antique Cars to do something relaxing. Another hit!
She really wanted to ride a water ride, but Chris and I clearly remember the annoyance of walking around all wet, so we picked the Log Ride. Now let me say, most of the rides at Six flags have weird names now, but we refused to call them by anything but the old school names. We hit up the Bobsled and the swings before ending our day with the Judge Roy Scream. Boy that thing rattles your brains! Caroline loved it and we were very pleased with our first family trip to Six Flags. We both sighed at the idea of the dozens of future sweaty trips to be made in years to come with the kids. Our parents did it with us, so I guess it's our turn!

Pearly Whites

This past week, we headed out to west Texas to see my uncle in Big Spring. Uncle Reg is a dentist and it was past time for Caroline's first check up. She was very brave and everything looked great! He did say that her teeth were pretty close together, so he thinks she and our local orthodontist will become really good friends in the coming years.

After the checkup, we headed out to the Cranford house to feed chickens and pet the neighbor's miniature donkeys. My kids love the outdoors. Too bad their mother spent the entire time with her ears peeled for the sound of a rattler... It was a great trip out west. We are so blessed with such great family.