Tuesday, March 9, 2010


This has been the fastest and most wonderful year! As Cooper's first birthday approached last Friday, I found myself becoming so sentimental. I even made the very dangerous mistake of holding a newborn at school that day. I have had such an amazing time with this little guy, and I am so very sad that I won't ever get to live this year again. I think because I see how fast it has gone with Caroline, I feel the need to grasp at every moment of these baby days. It has been such a joy- I just can't say that enough.
This time around is really so different in so many ways. For one, Caroline had her entire first year documented in her scrapbook by her birthday. I was so proud to show it off at her party. Poor Cooper's scrapbook is still in the box. I'll get to it...soon. I promise. No really I will. Soon. I was scrambling the day of the party to find a cute new outfit for Cooper when Caroline's was purchased weeks (or months) in advance.
In some ways, however, there is some comfort in just relaxing with Cooper. I am able to take in all of the moments because I'm not so worried about documenting them or making them super special.
Cooper is so easy to relax with. He is so chill and just takes it all in. He is quick to smile and slow to fuss. He loves anything with wheels and any ball. It is just born in those boys! He isn't walking yet, but he will soon. Again, SO not worried about it. He's still huge. I don't know the details on height and weight yet. In fact I was at his party before I realized that he might need to go see the doctor soon. Oops.
I need to take a moment and discuss this baby's bald head. A number of our friends spend a good amount of the time they're around him rubbing it. There are teeny little blonde hairs growing there, but they are in no hurry. So Cooper-like. And those cheeks- mercy, they slay me.
Cooper- you have made me a whole new woman- the mother of a son. What a privilege to raise you!
I'd like to end by saying goodbye to an old friend. You will NOT be missed.

Party Time

On Saturday afternoon, we met up to celebrate Cooper. It's always special to have friends and family around!
The banner Emily made for his baby shower

The Guys
The Gals
Two Little Monkeys
CC, Paul and Lo
He loved the singing
Good luck getting Coop to look at the camera with food around
Love my Little Man
Check out his nose. There was a really nasty sneeze that followed this.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Saturday was another race day! Dad and Laura both completed the marathon! I could not be more proud, and jealous...

Chad running with Dad for a bit
Stinky Laura at the finish

D Now Derby

One of the most memorable parts of Disciple Now this past weekend was the Derby Car Race!! My precious 9th grade girls made a "Patty Wagon" and dressed up as ketchup and mustard.
We put the kids in the back of the car to watch
Crazy Maddie
11th grade "Princesses"

snow Snow SNow SNOw SNOW

I'll let the pictures do the talking this time

P-Dub Donuts

I took advantage of the snow day a few weeks ago to try out a recipe by my favorite blogger/cook, the Pioneer Woman. Everything she makes is Y-U-M. I've been wanting to try her donuts, so without school, I had the perfect chance!

I started the night before by making a dough and letting it rise in the refrigerator overnight.

The next morning, I used a biscuit cutter to cut out the donuts and then allowed them to rise for another hour or so.

This is how they looked after they rose
Then I fried them Baby
And glazed them Baby
And the holes
The final product. They were as delicious as they look!
Definitely a keeper recipe- try it sometime