Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Park City

We spent our second day in Park City. Oh I died! It was so beautiful and full of quaint cafes and shops.
The leaves were just beginning to get really beautiful. Love the tree in the back of this picture. We all convinced ourselves that the altitude was what was killing up shopping up and down this hill all day. But it was worth all of the huffing and puffing!
After our shopping and snacking and a quick boost from Starbucks, we headed to the Olympic
facility nearby. Man we had a ball. I'm sure there would have been a number of under-the- breath comments about Texas had the others in our tour known about our home state. We laughed the entire time and just really enjoyed the experience.The freestyle skiers are able to practice their jumps at this location during the summer. They blow oxygen into the water so that the landing is nice and soft.
Can you believe the hugeness of this thing? It is covered in a long AstroTurf-like material to mimic the smoothness of snow.
The day we were there was the first day that they were trying out the ice on the bobsled track. Right as we walked up, Howard Siler was taking off on a test run. Howard Siler is the Jamaican bobsled team coach played by John Candy in the movie Cool Runnings. He spends a lot of time at this facility working on the ice and training sledders. You can see him waving as he passed.
Chris thought he'd give the luge a try...
The view from the top of the Nordic track. Seriously steep, but so amazing!
Em was a little freaked out by the see through walkways way up there!
A view of the bobsled track
Olympian Emily
All in all it was such a wonderful day. We ended our Park City time with a few hours at the outlet mall and then headed back to SLC for dinner and some of this...


AK said...

Isn't it such a blessing to have friends that like dessert as much as you do?!?

Emily said...

Brad and I are having a Jamaican bobsled Team controversy over on this post.