Sunday, May 25, 2008


Last night, we went with Joe and Laura to the House of Blues to see a guy I grew up with named Jonathan Cook play with his band. They are called Forever the Sickest Kids and they are all from the DFW area. I knew that he was in a band, but after much hard work, they are starting to make it BIG!! The are signed with Universal and they have been on the Billboard charts for the past 3 weeks. I bought their CD and knew it was fabulous (Best Buy, Target, GO GET IT), but I was excited to hear them in concert.

We walked up to the H.o.B. and quickly realized that besides the chaperones, we were sort of the oldest people there and were also part of a very small majority of people wearing clothes that were our size. Anyway, the atmosphere was great and there were a ton of people there! I have posted a few of the funniest examples of the attire we saw...

OK, it's not really the pants, but the pants-purse combo. Yes this is a guy...

Another guy... I just wanted to hug him and say "Bless your heart, I'm so sorry you had to borrow your little sister's shorts!"

Another pants-purse combo mistake. Yes it's a guy.

Our only girl winners. We called them Big Bird and Cookie Monster.

We watched two bands that went on before theirs and were unimpressed. One of them was Metro Station (one of the guys is Mylie Cyrus' brother) and they were creepy and really not that good.

Jonathan came out during Metro Station's set and said hi to us and we got to chat for a while. I am so proud of the way that he is holding his own in a culture that is constantly attacking what he stands for!

Laura and me trying to fit in.

So it comes time for FTSK to come out and from the first note I was thrilled! They were in a totally different league than the bands that played before them. They were so much fun and SO talented. Jonathan was a great frontman and kept the crowd really excited. SIDE NOTE- thankfully most of the teeny boppers left when the Cyrus guy was done and the crowd filled in with an older crowd. By older I mean, they didn't have braces.

Ok, we aren't sure what the whole making the heart shape out of your hands thing meant, but everyone was doing it and we didn't want to stand out. It was a losing battle. Another friend of ours was there and he is younger than me and got called "Sir".

Anyway, they put on an amazing show and I was so proud! They are very talented and I see a great future for them.

Check out their song Whoa Oh on ITunes (and on the video below). Laura and I also like Phone Call and Hey Brittany. Support these guys!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Big Girl Bed!

My Sweet Caroline spent her first night in her big girl bed! She was so excited to break it in that she actually ASKED to go to bed! When I got in from running (Laura and I almost stepped on a snake!!) I went in and checked on her and she was just sitting up in bed and she said "Hi mommy. I'm wake. Just having fun in my big girl bed. It's OK." At one point she needed to go potty and we listened as she opened her bedroom door and tiptoed to the potty and then went right back in and closed her door. She is so big!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Congratulations to Chris' UNDEFEATED softball team! We are so proud!

Have you ever seen a more handsome group of sweaty guys?

Monday, May 19, 2008

Day at the Murphy's Farm

We had a great time out at Laura's parents' farm on Saturday. The weather was beautiful! Here are a few highlights... Laura killed everyone in PIG, I almost killed myself on a horse, Joe sat in the shade while we all did outdoor activities, Laura and her brother Austin worked on their golf swings, the girls rode horses and the wagon and got filthy!, I learned a new word game, Joe made up a song about my running injury on the way home and we had a wonderful Mexican fiesta meal (thanks Mrs. Murphy!). All in all it was a day to remember.

Friday, May 16, 2008

I have taken a few weeks off with this posting, but it is FRIDAY and I am so excited! Here are my 5 Favorite "Lovey" Movies. It's a random subject, but I saw some of these on the TV lately and it made me think.
  1. My Big Fat Greek Wedding- Anyone who has a crazy family or has planned a wedding in the past few years can relate to this film. i HAVE BOTH! I laughed so hard at so many parts!! The bundt cake, the inlaws, the windex, bridesmaids dresses, the zit... classic.
  2. Moulin Rouge- The first time I watched this I turned it off after the first 10 minutes, but after I was forced to watch it, I could not turn it off! The music is so good! My sister, cousins and so many of my girlfriends and I have sung our hearts out to this soundtrack!
  3. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days- Kate and Matthew are just gorgeous in this movie! They have the best chemistry. I love watching people be uncomfortable. When she comes into his poker party and acts all crazy in front of his friends, I just die!!
  4. The Notebook- I sob every time I watch this movie! I love the era that it is set in. For some reason it seems so romantic. I love Noah's character and I love movies where they flash back.
  5. Pride and Prejudice- This is my all time favorite movie! It has to be the most romantic story every told. It is squeaky clean, but so intense! You are just holding your breath to see Lizzie and Darcy get together!


Monday, May 12, 2008

This was a wonderful Mothers Day weekend! I got a new iPod- Thanks honey! My favorite part is our yearly tradition to eat at the Fort Worth Club. It is a really neat place for our family. I remember being a little girl and dressing up and learning all of the little etiquette rules. I was sure I looked was older than I was. Chris and I also ate there for dinner all by ourselves before my senior prom.
They have a great brunch. Dad and I have an eating. We eat 2 courses of breakfast- omelet for the first, then waffles for the second. Then we move on to lunch- meat, potatoes, etc. Lastly is dessert. My choice was bread pudding. Dad's was key lime pie. After we ate we both commented on nice it would be to go into one of the hotel rooms on the floors below and just fall into bed!

It was also really special to have my grandmother there with us. Four generations of ladies- so special!

Golfing with the Cooks... Yikes

Chris and I played our first round of golf together this weekend. We actually had such a good time that we played twice! I played with my dad when I was younger, but after quite a few tears and thrown clubs, my dad suggested I take some time off- like a few years! I still loved golf, but never played except for the occasional trip to the driving range.

I got the wild hair to go this weekend and it turned out to be OK. Don't get me wrong- I'm not good, but I had my moments (I got par on one hole!!). It helped having my daughter in earshot. When I wanted to throw down some angry words, I had to bite my tongue.

So, here's some evidence, Joe Deane, I really did play!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Last night we had a great time with our Sunday School class working at Pregnancy Lifeline. This clinic offers counseling and classes to mothers who find themselves unexpectedly pregnant. They are such wonderful servants! We spent last night helping them do some spring cleaning. We did a number of things around the office, but Emily, Angela, Leigh and I worked all night on the clothes closet. It really was a blast- especially for type a people like Emily and me!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

My Class

I have the best class! They are each so different and have so much to offer! I can't wait to see what they all turn out to be!

Last Saturday, we went to the TCU baseball game and here is a video of them all singing Sweet Caroline. It's so cute.

Here's a video of them taking a dance break today. Some have better dancing skills than others...

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Friday, May 2, 2008

On Tuesday night, the Aggies played TCU in baseball. It was a beautiful night and there were a bizillion people there! Most of the people were Aggies, which is one of the reasons I love being a part of this network! It was actually weird to be yelling against the Horned Frogs, because my parents have season tickets to the TCU games and are friends with the coach, so I we go a lot and I generally am a big supporter of the Frogs. A&M ended up winning in the 9th inning. It was a great game!
**BONUS TRIVIA** A&M and TCU used to be rivals a long time ago and the phrase "Gig'em" came from that rivalry. When you hunt a frog, you use a gig (which is something like a spear) to kill it. So they would say "Gig'em" in reference to the Frogs!!