Monday, September 29, 2008

Ol' South

Ol' South Pancake House is one of our family's favorite grimy places to eat. It could use a major remodel, but is way better now that they have done away with the massive smoking section!

Dad's and my favorite dish is the German Pancakes. It is sort of like a cross between a pancake and a crepe.

They bring it out on a plate and sprinkle it with a ton of powdered sugar. Then the waitress squeezes lemons and pours the fresh lemon juice on the pancake.

She then mixes the lemon juice and powdered sugar.
She then folds the pancake.
It's ready to eat!
Here are Caroline and Papa before they "ate pancakes until their ears fell off."

The Women

Friday night I went out with the girls. We went to see The Women and then went to eat downtown. It was a great time to hang out with the girls! I love them and don't know what I'd do without them! Chris- Thanks for taking care of Caroline so I could go!
OK, not the greatest picture, but this woman that was sitting alone and talking to herself the entire movie was the only one who could take it!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Show Me That Smile Again...

Yesterday was Welcome Friends Day at church and it was PACKED! I had to sit on the top row of the balcony! And by the way, there are WAY too many distractions up there! I need to be up front or my ADD kicks in! They had some bounce houses outside for the kids to enjoy. Here's Caroline and Lola...
And of course, the main attraction of the day was Kirk Cameron. My dad picked him up from the airport on Saturday night and got him checked into the hotel. Then they went downtown to eat. They sat down in a restaurant and he tried to witness to the waitress, but she said "I'm already born again and I know who you are, so I saw this coming!" He was so kind and asked my dad all kinds of questions about himself.

When he got up to speak yesterday, he said something to this effect.. "Whenever I walk in a room people get these goofy smiles on their faces and it's OK, I'm used to it now, but I don't want you to be thinking about Mike Seever this entire time, so let's just go ahead and get our Growing Pains fix in." So he started playing the theme song and we all sang along and he did a little montage as Mike and it was so funny. When it was over he brought a strong message on POLITICS!! I had wondered if he would be soft on his message, but he was not. He talked about how our country needed to get its act together before God takes his hand off of us completely. It was powerful!

After the service he stayed around for an hour signing autographs! He really was very humble. After that, we went to eat downtown. He showed us pictures of his family and was really relaxed and normal. We told him about my sister that lives in Virginia and he asked what her name was. He made a little sign and told us to take a picture to send her. Here it is...

We had a really good time. He has a movie coming out this week called Fireproof. It is made by the same group that made Facing the Giants. It is a good family film and we need to support it!

Here is my favorite dessert in the entire world!! It's dessert tacos!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!

Happy Birthday to my sweet mom! She makes a difference in my life everyday! She is always working and thinking of others! Enjoy your day mom!
The weather has been so beautiful the past few days, so we decided to take a picnic last night. We went to the Saginaw city park and ate a yummy meal. After we ate, Chris and Caroline went to go play and I snoozed and read a magazine on the blanket. What a wonderful evening!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Starlight Ball

A bunch of our friends spent last night at the Fort Worth Pregnancy Center's Starlight Ball. It was held in a beautiful ballroom at the Worthington Hotel in downtown Fort Worth. The food and entertainment were fabulous!

The Smiths

The Gentrys

The Esteses

Look Nathan, you made the blog!!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Let's Go Red Sox

Last Friday my sweet friend Scooter gave us her tickets to the Red Sox vs. the Rangers. She knows how much I love the Sox and I am so grateful for her generosity. We had amazing seats(2nd row on the 1st base line) and the weather was great. We had to watch closely the entire game because of foul balls. We had one just a few feet in front of us! We took the Deanes with us and had a ton of laughs as usual! My favorite pitcher, Josh Beckett, had been on the DL for a while and made his comeback that night. The Red Sox handed the Rangers a good beating and we headed home!

Pedroia has been my favorite player to watch this season and had a great night.


Big Papi

Sunday, September 7, 2008

My moment of radio fame...

Last Friday I had a very fun experience. After some encouragement from my friends, I called the Sean Hannity radio show to tell him a funny story from my classroom. The screener thought it was hilarious so she put me on hold. They were too busy that day to get to me so she asked if she could call me back the next day. They actually ended up calling me on Friday and I got to talk with him! Here it is...

Friday, September 5, 2008

Daddy's Litte Hunter

Family Reunion

Last weekend we had the 1 Millionth Annual Cranford family reunion! We had a mountain of food and the weather was nice (we even got a little shower). We also had a great time back in Fort Worth afterward!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Kids Say the Darndest Things

Here are the first 2 installments and there will be many m,ore to come I'm sure!

Last week, we were talking about the Olympics and China. I was telling the kids that the Chinese people are not allowed to talk about Jesus whenever they want to and they aren't allowed to take their Bible anywhere they want and they can only go to certain churches. I said that we need to pray for them because the people that run their government are not very nice to them. One of my little boys raised his hand and said "I think we call those people Democrats."

Then today, I said "How many of you have ever been to the mountains where you can call out 'HELLO' and the mountains call back to you?" Some of the kids said yes and then I asked if anyone knew what that was called and another one of my boys said "a ghetto!"