Monday, September 3, 2012

Yellowstone/JH- Day 5

We wanted to do some exploring in Teton National Park before we left. We were at the famous "Mormon Row" when the sun came up. This barn is the most photographed barn in the world! My dad got about a thousand amazing shots, so I just picked the best to post here.

We drove to Jenny Lake and took the ferry across to do some more hiking.

Coop loves his Nana
Another beautiful waterfall
By this point, we'd seen so much wildlife, but still no moose or bear. Luckily on our drive back to Jackson, we saw this momma taking a quick dip in the water.
Random fact- a moose can dive 18 feet in the water!

Right after we saw this young male crossing the street.

That night, Dad had arranged for us to enjoy a chuck wagon dinner. Coop was ready with his gun and spurs.

We rode on chuck wagons out into the forest to where we'd eat. We narrowly escaped an Indian attack along the way :)

We ate heartily and enjoyed a great show of cowboy music.
Caroline even went on stage to sing and helped drive the wagon home after dinner!

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