Monday, September 3, 2012

Cooper's Surgery

While Caroline was at camp, Cooper had his second ENT surgery. When we went to his bi-yearly checkup at the ENT, the doctor was very concerned about Cooper's ears again. He was fighting two really bad infections and was suffering from some loss because of them. He also did some X-rays and was worried about his sinuses. They were completely compacted and infected and his adenoids were three times the normal size. The doctor recommended surgery as soon as we returned from our trip. I got a call while we were gone saying that our doctor had broken his arm in Barbados and couldn't do the surgery. We were being referred to a new guy named Dr. Dean- funny. I was a bit nervous about the change until I saw a former student's mom sitting at the front desk when we walked in for our pre op appointment. I felt really good about Dr. Dean. 
Coop doesn't dig the doctor. 

Of course, Coop needed new Hulk "jamas" for surgery.

We got to Cook's Children's Hospital early the next morning. Dr. Dean was going to give Coop a set of new tubes, enlarge his sinus passages and take out his adenoids. Coop was pretty happy!

Then came the drugs :)
The surgery was a success! We were blessed by a ton of sweet visitors (I love my church)! So far, we've been really happy with the results!

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