Monday, September 3, 2012

Yellowstone/JH- Day 3

On our last day in the park, we saw some of Yellowstone's most famous hydrothermal features. The morning was cool, so everywhere you looked there was steam rising up from underground hot water.

There are so many amazing sights in the Lower and Upper Geyer Basins. The colors in these "paint pots" are so vivid. It is like nothing you will ever see anywhere else! These pots contain water and minerals that can be above boiling.  We kept a tight hand on Coop as we walked on the narrow boardwalks.

Even the steam rising above the paint pots was beautiful!

The last stop in our Yellowstone adventure was at Old Faithful. It is certainly the most famous of the park's attractions. It wasn't too crowded or hot, so we stopped and ate a quick lunch while we waited for it to "go off."

The Old Faithful Inn is the most majestic of Yellowstone's man-made structures- but it couldn't compare to the workmanship of the Almighty in the park.
Inside Old Faithful Inn
Inside Old Faithful Inn

We had such a memorable, even spiritual, time in Yellowstone, but we were ready to settle down and be in one place for a few days. We made our way back into the mountain oasis of Jackson. Aside from the Tetons themselves, the town's most interesting features are the elk horn arches placed at each corner of the town sqaure. These arches are made of horns collected by Boy Scouts on the nearby Elk Refuge. 

The town has a great square and numerous art galleries, boutiques and souvenir shops. Plenty of shopping for anyone, no matter your interests, budget or taste.

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