Monday, September 3, 2012

Sweet C Goes to GA Camp

This year, Caroline got the chance to go to camp for the first time! My baby was gone for 5 days!! It was tough, even on this generally pretty sturdy Momma! She was psyched! Thankfully, she overcome a nasty bout of hives (that she developed on the flight home from JH) and was cleared by the doctor to go! 

She was all smiles, until the bus pulled away and we saw her waving and crying from the window. I had to stop myself from running after the bus!!!

Bailey was her "camp mom" for the week!

She had such a great time. She played in the lake and pool all day!

On Thursday night, we came down for Parents Night. She was happy to see us, but not at all stressed when we left- THANKS A LOT!

On the last night that had the grand finale- The Pajama Fashion Show!

Caroline didn't stop talking about camp for weeks! She learned some great new praise songs and a ton about missions!

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