Thursday, July 23, 2009

Off He Goes

This week has really been such an eye opener to me about how big Cooper is getting. He's been trying to roll over for a few weeks now, and finally did it Monday night. For some reason it made me so sad. Mobility is just around the corner. That means crawling and climbing and then walking. Then no more baby days!
He's also started to really master the eating of baby food. The rice cereal really was not at all exciting to him. He did it, but was not begging for bites, that's for sure. Once we started to mix it with veggies, he really started to show some interest. He's now had squash, sweet potatoes, carrots and several really icky green vegetables (why do those stink so bad!?). He seems to like all of them. He's doing really great. It's still kind of messy business, but it gets better every time. We haven't added fruit yet. I want him to be OK with food that isn't sweet. The one major drawback is that now the constant flow of spit up is colored. Yucky! I decided to head to Babies R Us to get solid, dark colored bibs and a large new stash of solid white burp cloths that can be bleached. I know that these times before the little finger foods come is not too long, so that's good. I really don't enjoy this, but it will be something I know I'll look back on with fondness.

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