Monday, July 13, 2009

Indepedence Day

The Fourth was a very enjoyable day for our family. We took it easy by eating lunch with Nana and Papa and then came home for a nap.

Later in the day, we met the Ericksons and Gentrys headed out to Glen Rose to eat at Loco Coyote (twice in one month is a treat!). The food was amazing and the sun was HOT! The kids played in the dirt and field while we waited on the food. After we finished dinner, we headed up the road to Granbury. We did it the high class way and parked in a parking lot right on the highway. Thankfully there was a small strip of grass where the kids could run and we could throw the football. We enjoyed a great time of snacks and music. Cooper stayed awake during the entire fireworks show. He stared at them in awe. I think I spent more time watching his face than I did watching the fireworks! What a wonderful evening with wonderful friends!

Being Silly

Shakin' It
Big Smile!

Being Super Heroes- I LOVE Conner's face!

The Big Man
The Girls

The sweet tea was the only way we stayed cool! I think I drank a gallon!

Hailey's Grilled Chicken Sandwich- HUGE!
Drew dragging around the kiddos

Watching the fireworks

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icook said...

How fun!!! Y'all always come up with fun stuff to do. Love the Loco Coyote! I would never think to just "go there" on a whim. I've heard Granbury is awesome for the 4th.