Sunday, July 5, 2009

4 Months

Today's the day! Coop is 4 months. This month has flown by! I cannot believe it's July already! We had VBS and Caroline's birthday and I've been doing a ton of cakes. But, here we are!
He really is a joy. So many of our friends comment on the fact that they never hear him cry (we do!). He's sort of quiet- not as chatty as Caroline. He is so quick with a smile though.
Here's a bit about him right now...
-He is still huge- wearing some 6-12 month clothing. We go to the dr. next week. I'll update with numbers later.
-He has started to enjoy his exer-saucer more these days. His hand control is getting so much better. He can pass things from one hand to another and pretty much everything ends up in his mouth.
-Speaking of his mouth, he is getting his two front teeth on the bottom. His mood and diapers are definite proof that the teeth have arrived! We may give some rice cereal a try this week.
- We've been trying to get a more regular nap schedule down. We are always going out and about so I find that he just dozes off and on all day, but that makes it where he doesn't take long naps on the days we're at home. I want to get this down in the next month so Mom doesn't have to fight that battle when I start back to school. He really is happy as a clam all day long when we're running errands, but at home he's a little more needy
-He is still sleeping at night FOREVER- at least 12 hours a night. What a blessing!
- I've mentioned before what a fan he is of his Momma. It is serious! Sometimes he fusses when I just walk by and don't hold him. He'd love to be in my arms all day long, but I won't be having that! SO there is a lot of fussing right now. And is he persistent! There is no cry for 10 minutes and then tucker out- we're talking marathon whining sessions. He's learning or maybe I'm losing my hearing...

He really is so precious. He loves his Sissy. They have a great time in the backseat of the car. I love to hear them babbling back and forth. I am so grateful to have two such amazing, healthy children.
I love this picture because it shows how chill he is. He generally just sits back and watches what's going on. Love my easy going boy!

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