Monday, July 13, 2009

Big Man and Big Girl

Caroline and Cooper both went to our beloved Dr. Phillips today for the check ups (4 year and 4 months respectivly). I love going to the doctor because it is such a cheery place! Caroline spends the few days before making a mental list of all of the things that she needs to mention to the Good Doc- important things like mosquito bites. I am so thankful to the Lord that my kids have been healthy! Caroline has only had one sick visit in 4 years and then she was only working on an ear infection.
Today they were weighed and measured. Caroline was 42 inches and 39 lbs. She is in the 75 % in height and the 50% in weight. She is definitely a long string bean. I wish I could say she got it from her Momma. Cooper weighed 16.5 lbs. and 27 inches, which puts him in the 70% in weight and 95% in height. He's solid!
They are both got shots today. I made the mistake of having Caroline go first. She had to get 6- yes 6!- shots today. The girls screamed, I mean SCREAMED. She was the child that could be heard throughout the entire office that I always wonder about. Yes, it was ugly. Coop only had to get 2 shots and he didn't even flinch. He just sat there giving me google eyes. I guess it's from all the extra fluff in his thighs- he CAN say he got that from his Momma. We decided to treat ourselves to a sweet snack afterwards, so we headed to Cracker Barrel for dessert on the way home.
These are some pictures I got of Coop this morning. It is nearly impossible to get one without a little dribble of drool!

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icook said...

Look at that face!!!!!!! Oh my, what a precious boy.