Monday, August 3, 2009

"Smokey Bear"

Caroline is at that age where her mind just latches on to a certain subject and will not let it go. You know how it is- she has to ask every question on the subject multiple times. Even if you say that you don't know, she has to keep asking! Well, for this trip it was Smokey the Bear (or Smokey Bear as she called him). As we were pulling into Ruidoso, she saw a fire danger level sign and I told her that it was Smokey the Bear. And that was the beginning. She had to know all about him, so we went into town the next day to buy a book in hopes of quenching her curiosity on the subject. That was NOT enough! We ended up making the short trip over to Capitan to see for ourselves the Smokey the Bear Museum and grave site. Wow, what a trip!

Coop enjoyed the sites from the carrier
He apparently loved the movie...

A little nervous...

Smokey's grave

Don't we all have a picture like this? Squinting into the sun in front of some road marker.

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