Friday, April 18, 2008

Last night was the 2nd huge storm in about a week. Last week we lost power and I had to go get ready at my mom's so I looked like a wet dog all day, but did I mind that- no of course not. Last night, however, the storm took it one step too far. It completely smashed my lovely flowers! I mean, seriously, my begonias look like mulch. It may have been God's way of humbling me because not 2 hours before the storm hit I was telling my mom that she needed to come out and see how amazing my flowers were doing. I'll never do that again!

Here's the evidence... RIP 2008 spring flowers


Emily said...

That's so sad! Is it too late to replant?

ADB said...

Your poor flowers-just a week ago they were so beautiful! Blame it on mother nature-stupid storm =(