Friday, April 25, 2008

Friday Fave 5

My family is coming into town this weekend and for some reason my mind automatically goes to food!! I was thinking about some of our favorites and what I should bring over to mom's for dinner. Here are my 5 favorite things to bring to a grub fest!
  1. Puppy Chow. I love something I can just grab and stuff. That doesn't sound very lady like, I know, but I like to eat things that are hard to tell how much I've eaten. Does that make sense? For example, I know i have eaten 4 pieces of pizza and should have only eaten 2, but when it comes to puppy chow I can eat all day and I have no idea how much I have actually consumed!
  2. Strawberry cake. My mom introduced me to this recipe. It is a hit 100 % of the time. It is relatively easy. The compliments I receive on the taste are way better than my cooking skills deserve. That's why I love to sign up to bring it!
  3. Fondue- There is something extra special about bringing fondue to a party. It is really just glorified chocolate dip, but it makes you feel neat to use the little skewers. My sister and have also come up with some great variations on the oil used for desserts. They involve crescent rolls and candy- can't miss with those right??
  4. My sweet friend Carrie introduced me to this Apple Cobbler. It is great hot, so I often bring the apples already sugared and cut and then throw the butter/sugar/flour topping on it when i arrive and bake it on location!
  5. The item I get requests for most often is a sausage dip that my friend Amy Clark introduced me to. It is basically a couple of packages of cream cheese, a can of rotel and a pound of sausage. You just brown the sausage and add it to the cream cheese and rotel in a fondue pot. You serve it warm with tortilla chips. I have never been at a party where it wasn't gone before dinner was served!


Kristen said...

Mmmmm, I love party food. Those sound like some good recipes, especially the strawberry cake and sausage dip.

Emily said...

Yum, chocolate fondue. Do you have a special recipe?