Friday, April 4, 2008

Friday Fave 5

Here's my 5 favorite things about Fort Worth, TX
  1. We have the best downtown! It is small enough that my parents felt safe letting me hang out there as a teenager and it's big enough to have anything we want to do available. It's not a mess to get into because of traffic or construction. Sundance Square has been the sight of many of the best memories I have!

  2. Joe T. Garcia's is a Cowtown classic. You can eat inside or out and have a great time. It is the place to eat in Fort Worth where you can always see someone you know! Not to mention the best nachos a greasy kitchen could offer!

  3. I also love our zoo. If you have never been to the Fort Worth Zoo, you have to make it a priority ASAP. One of my earliest memories of Fort Worth is going to the zoo. I have also enjoyed taking my Sweet Caroline there as well and seeing what excitement it brings to her.

  4. The Bass Hall in downtown Fort Worth is a sight to behold. The two almost 50 foot angels on the side of the building are magnificent at night. Chris and I just had the pleasure of seeing a concert there last night and I was reminded of what a gem it is to our city.

  5. My favorite thing about Fort Worth is that it is NOT Dallas. Don't get me wrong. I regularly take advantage of what our neighbor to the east has to offer, but when it comes down to it, I would never want to reside too close. In Fort Worth you can wear jeans and just be yourself. It's not about appearances. It's about real people. God Bless Cowtown.

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Aimee said...

I agree! Cool pictures!