Friday, April 18, 2008

Friday Fave 5

Here are my five favorite things right now...

  1. Yard work. There is something so fulfilling about working on your own yard- or the yards of others for that matter. I am a results person, so being able to see instant beauty after a few hours of work gives me such satisfaction. Now something that is NOT satisfying is seeing all of your hard work pummeled to pieces. *See the next blog entry*

  2. Field Trips- Yesterday we went to the Rangers Ballpark (or whatever it's called now). It was such a blast! We got to go in the dugout, locker room, owner's suite and MORE! There is something so great about baseball and field trips!!

  3. Auctions- I love auctions. I have never actually bought anything at an auction, but tonight is my school's auction and I have a lovely date named Emily. They are selling things like a trip to Olympics, times shares... We are talking SERIOUS loot!

  4. My shows are all slowly coming back on!! I have been dying without The Office (which we missed most of last night because of weather... see next post), House and Grey's!

  5. My sweet daughter's voice...and attitude. She is so sassy and it always makes me laugh. She tells me every morning what song I am to sing her on the way to mom's and normally when we get in the car, she also tells me what not to say in the car also. Like this morning, she said, "Mommy, don't tell me to say nice words on the way to Nana's house." Also, last night in the storm she said, "That storm looks willy bad. Who will save us?" and I said "who do you think?" and she "Papa!" She is just so smart and learns more everyday!

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Kristen said...

I'm glad the weather stayed ok for your field trip yesterday. I bet the kids had a great time.
Walker and Lucy do the same to me. He will say it when he is doing something he shouldn't. He says, "Don't say anything to me, momma. Don't tell me, momma" Kids are so weird sometimes!!
I'm glad you are coming to the auction!!! See you tonight