Wednesday, March 19, 2008


We have a new addiction with our friends the Deanes. Actually, Chris and I have had bouts with this addiction before, but have never had friends like the Deanes that were such enablers. The game is called Settlers of Catan. Our friends James and Bethany introduced us to it in college. We have taught several other friends and family members the game in the past few years, but haven't had the chance to play it much.
That is until lately...

We weren't sure if they would enjoy it as much as we do because it is a game of strategy and Joe is, shall we say, a little high strung. We were mistaken, however. Ever since the first time we played, the game has become more and more competitive. There have been "strategic partnerships" formed and too many texts to count have been exchanged. We have had to lay out the ground rules differentiating life partners, lovers and then strategic partners. This is serious business and I would not be surprised if at least two of the four of us have searched the web for sneaky tricks. Another strange occurence seems to take place at the first roll of the dice- Joe Deane becomes a singer. I am not sure it it should really be called singing. I would describe it as a high pitched wailing that normally consists of rhymes that Snoop Dogg would make up. How many times I have heard "what's the hizzle call me j dizzle..."??

So let me just say, this game has taken over our friendship lately. Our sweet 2 year olds, most of the time, are pretty good at entertaining themselves, so we can focus our full brain power on the task at hand. We have had a few mishaps with the girls during game time. One involved a sink full of hot water and anything else in the bathroom that they could throw in there (the water was black when we found it). Another involved Caroline wearing Lola's pull up and Lola wearing Caroline's big girl panties (both legs were through one hole). This has actually happened more than once...

You have to find this game and get obsessed. I am sure it the only addiction that the Lord would bless.

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AK said...

Oh how we desperately need Settlers friends!!! We taught Tim and Jen, but I don't think she liked it that much. We'll have to try our other friends. It is truly addictive!! We do have the 2 person Settler's card game that we play when we're desperate, but it JUST ISN'T THE SAME!!