Monday, March 31, 2008


Well, my bracket is officially DOA. It's been on life support lately, but Memphis finally pulled its plug yesterday by beating Texas. Last year I picked all number 1 seeds to go to the Final Four and this year I decided that was too boring. So, I picked NO number 1 seeds to go and guess what?? For the first time in history, all of them made it. How fun is that... So I have had to randomly pick who I want to win the championship. My pick is Memphis, mainly because dislike them less then the others!

We have had a really good time filling out and watching our brackets with my class. They are so cute about it and they all run in trying to tell me latest after the games! One of my kiddos, Jordan (seen below), has had one of the best brackets of anyone I know, including adults!


AK said...

Super cute outfit!

Amy Sloan said...

hate to copy what your sis said, but seriously--that outfit rocks!!!