Monday, March 31, 2008

Me Gusta Mucho!

On Friday night, we went back to the Friendship House for the second time to do some authentic Mexican cooking! These are the most precious ladies that live in the neighborhood around the church, and they use this old house adjacent to the property as their little clubhouse. They hold English classes, sewing classes, Bible studies and more in this home.
In an effort for them to learn better English, they have us over for cooking lessons. The key is that they are not supposed to show us how to do anything- only tell us! They try so hard, but normally we are doing such a horrible job that they have to step in and rescue the recipe!

It is a joy to spend time with these sweet ladies and their kids! They taught us to make chili chicken and gorditas, salsa, praline and homemade flour tortillas! I am so excited to try at home!

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Kristen said...

How fun. I don't know what chili chicken is, but it sounds good.

I love that you did March Madness with the kids. If I ever go back to full time teaching, I'm stealing it for sure. And I am not surprised that Jordan is doing so well. Such a boy!!