Friday, February 15, 2008

Today I am going to tell you my five favorite things about my Big Sister, Allison.

  1. I love that I have a sister that is reading through all of the Pulitzer Prize winning books, starting with the first. She is also keeping a blog about her thoughts on each one she finishes ( She loves to read and is smart enough to get all of the rich information from each book. I am not- I laughed at her previous read because the author's name was Pupin. He he- I'm still laughing at that one.

  2. My sister is a great artist. She can draw and paint and play the piano and sing. She can also make up recipes, which is a rare talent. She is definitely the bohemian in the family. Her current artsy hobby is card making. I will add a picture later of some of her best, but they are amazing!!!

  3. Some fo my favorite memories with my sister happened in my birth state (I don't say that proudly) of New Mexico. We have spent so much time there through the years! We love to go to Glorieta and eat mexican food in Santa Fe. We like to ski if we can or just go there to relax. The two main events in our New Mexico trips are food an hair dye. We plan all of our days around getting in our favorite local eateries. Also, for some strange reason we get the itch to dye hair while we are up there. It must be the thin air. Allison came out with the most amazing 80's punk rock bleached hair one time. Now it wasn't amazing to her, but the cramp I got from laughing at it was certainly amazing!

  4. One of our favorite pastimes is to sing in the car. I mean SING! We turn it up loud and sing like we are on tour somewhere. My husband did not grow up around anything like this, so needless to say he was shocked the first time he went on vacation with my family. The great thing is that Allison found a man that will join right in.

  5. That brings me to my last favortie thing about Allison- and that's Anthony. She found the most amazing husband (after I told him to call her one day in the Bueno parking lot)! He cherishes her and is so much fun to be around. Anyone that knows Anythony knows that he is pure gold. He fits right in with our family (in the good ways, not the crazy ways). I love that Anthony is game for anything. No matter what we end up doing, he makes it even more fun. We are so blessed to have him around! I love how he loves my sister and looks at her with such wonder.


AK said...

Hmm...I like being called a bohemian...

Kristen said...

How cute! I have loved your Feb Friday Fave 5- wow, how's that for alliteration!

Aimee said...

How was Cancun!?!? Trying to live vicariously through you!!!