Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A Sunny Sunday

This past Sunday, the Cooks and the Deanes decided to take advantage of the beautiful day. We grabbed some burritos at the yummiest little Panaderia in what is like Fort Worth's Little Mexico (the intersection of Seminary and Hemphill). Because they don't have tables to eat at and they don't sell drinks, we had to do some planning, but the burritos are SO worth it!

The girls went in one car with one of the little ones to get our drinks (by the way- the Race Track guy didn't make me pay for mine- what a nice confidence booster!!) and the guys did the same with the other little one. When we got there, they don't take cash- which we knew but forgot. We were WAY overdressed for this dining experience, but ended up having to pay in change. Classy- I know! We got our burritos and headed for the park nearby. These are Chris' old stomping grounds (yikes!), so he knew just were to go. We sat and ate at the park, enoying the spring-like weather. Since we were there, we couldn't resist getting in a little playtime!

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