Monday, February 4, 2008

Anti-Super Bowl Party

The night that the Giants beat the Cowboys, we decided that we were having an "Anti-Super Bowl" Party. We didn't feel right yelling for the Giants because they knocked out our home team, but who likes that Pats???

As the sting of defeat subsided over the next weeks, I had to take a good hard look and decide who to cheer for in the game of the year. I ended up settling on the Giants for two reasons. #1- they beat us and it's nice to be able to say that the only team that could beat us ended up winning the Championship. #2- they are in the NFC East, which is our division. You always want to see the teams in your division to do well.

We ended up having a fabulous time at the Deane home. Here are some pictures of the fun...

Bryan and I could have sworn that it was the Cowboys vs. the Colts...
Emily, Kristen and Shavon

Laura was stressed and couldn't watch

Cindy looks stressed, but Randy doesn't!
The precious Sloans!
Ok, we still don't have much hair, but Caroline insists on "pixie tails"
"This is why I won't be taking my shirt off in Cancun..." -Brad
We had our first kiss on Super Bowl Sunday!!
I love my girls!


Kristen said...

Looks like fun! The pixie tail picture wouldn't come up, and that was the one I REALLY wanted to see!!

I really cannot believe the GIANTS actually won... crazy

Amy Sloan said...

Great pics of such a fun night! I love the one of you and Bryan in your jerseys. :)