Friday, February 8, 2008

Friday Fave 5

My 5 Favorite things about Nanners (my mom, Nan).
  1. My mom is an amazing cook! Not only can she make the old favorties like roast and pies, but she can make anything gourmet you could imagine. She took so much time with Allison and me in the kitchen growing up. She definitely passed down the idea that nothing is complete without something yummy to eat. Some of my favorite memories from childhood until now have been with my mom in the kitchen.
  2. I love that my mom can sew. Sewing seems to be a dying art and I have told myself a hundred times to sit down and learn. My mom can make really anything I need! Right now she is in the process of making bedding for Caroline's new bed because I couldn't find just what I wanted. What a blessing!

  3. My mom works with low income kids from an apartment complex in east Fort Worth every week. It is a very rough place and my little 5 foot mom goes into this complex alone and at night. But the people love her because she loves on them. I have been with her before and when she pulls in, the kids come running from every corner. One time when we went by one house, my mom said "that house smelled really stinky. What on earth was that smell?" and I just shook my head and said, "Mom, that was pot! Didn't you grow up in the 70's?" I love that my mom is still so innocent! She will have a very shiny jewel in her crown for what she does with these kids!

  4. My mom's house does a complete transformation about 6 times a year (maybe more). For every holiday she has a new pillow for every chair, a new wreath for every door, a new centerpiece for every table and new placemats for the kitchen. I love it because some of the things I've known since childhood and others are new touches she sneaks in.

  5. Nana is probably the biggest part of my Sweet Caroline's world. They spend every day together and both ache when they aren't together. I have tears in my eyes thinking of how lucky I am to have a mom that willl sacrifice so much to keep my baby out of daycare. She meets her at the door every morning and covers her in kisses. I have learned more about mothering from watching her with Caroline than I did growing up in her house. She constantly gives and thinks of others needs before hers. I hope I can be as selfless as she is someday.

Random thing you probably didn't know about my mom... when she was 20, she could benchpress 200 lbs.!

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