Wednesday, October 10, 2007

My Man

My sweet hubby is so amazing, so I thought I'd put on the Husband Survey.

1. Who is your man? Christopher James
2. How long have you been together? We started dating almost 9 years ago (so crazy for me to think about!) and have been married for a little over 4 years
3. How long did you date? We dated for almost 4 years before we got engaged. That includes 3 homecomings, 3 proms, 2 high school graduations and lots of annoying teenage drama
4. How old is your man? 25
5. Who eats more? I am embarrassed to say that when I cook (a whopping once a week) I serve up two almost identical plates and secretly hope he picks the one that has 2 less fish sticks on it
6. Who said "I love you" first? Chris said it first. He almost said it on the phone one night and didn't want to do it that way, so he came over to my parents' house really late at night and told me.
7. Who is taller? He has about a foot on me
8. Who sings better? I sing better, because he only can sing one note. I am convinced it is my years of vocal development in Baptist children's choir.
9. Who is smarter? Since I'm pretending to be a good wife in this post I won't answer
10. Whose temper is worse? Definitely mine. Chris doesn't get riled (a Texas word that I'm not sure has a correct spelling) up very easily
11. Who does the laundry? I do it now, but I think he let's me because he knows I want to help him out. He has way more experience and I think stresses every time I do a load
12. Who takes out the garbage? He does after I nag him to do it for several days
13. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? I do. Not sure why but I always have
14. Who pays the bills? I do. It's the control freak thing in me.
15. Who is better with the computer? We're probably pretty even.
16. Who mows the lawn? Well, once I tried and 3 neighbors, a girl friend, 2 one year olds and I think CPS got involved so there will be no sequel
17. Who cooks dinner? I say that because my last name is cook that I always cook, but Kraft macaroni and nuggets doesn't count to everyone
18. Who drives when you are together? I would like to say that Chris does because that's what my dad told me should happen (it's Southern Baptist, submission, man in charge thing)
19. Who pays when you go out? Whoever is not in the bathroom with Caroline
20. Who is most stubborn? Me again. Everyone knows Chris is a better person than me.
21. Who is the first to admit when they are wrong? Me mainly because I like to be able to say later "I always apologize first and you never do."
22. Whose parents do you see the most? Mine, they go to church with us and watch Caroline every day
23. Who kissed who first? Same time on my parents bottom step on Super Bowl Sunday '99
24. Who asked who out? We were friends for a long time before we dated and I asked him if he wanted to go to the rodeo after 3 other friends couldn't. The sparks flew and that's history. There is magic at the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo...
25. Who proposed? He proposed on a bridge in a park on A&M's campus
26. Who is more sensitive? If you mean getting my feelings hurt over everything and crying every day as opposed to everything sliding right off his shoulder- I'd say it's a close tie
27. Who has more friends? Me
28. Who has more siblings? We both have big sisters
29. Who wears the pants in the family? He lets me think I do, or maybe that's the other way around...

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