Friday, October 5, 2007

My Girls

My Girls

I received an email the other day that was a article Beth Moore wrote about how important the ladies in your life are. Then I was with my Thursday girls last night and I started thinking about how many different wonderful women God has placed in my life through the years! I can't begin to name them all, but here's a nod to a few I could have never lived without...

High School-

Moriah- New York, Old Movies, Skiing, Cooking, Crafting, Singing in the Car
Brandy- Eating at her house, Crafting, Singing in the Car
Lindsey- New York, naps, Victoria's Secret, Duets
Julie C.- Proms, Our Boys, Letting me drive her car
Kristin S.- Hondas, Bueno, Camp, Spain, Anne
Meredith- Hondas, BYOC at the Golf Course, Bueno, Spain
Lauren- Money Belts, Tanning, Spain

Julie R.- Phi Lamb, Cooking, Laughing, The Pavillion, Wedding Plans
Karen- Wedding Plans, The Pavillion, Moulin Rouge
Kristin E.- Classes together, Learning to be married

Marriage and Mommyhood-
Emily- Aggieland, Building Houses, I love shocking you!
Shavon- Our ICU nurse, Suzie Homemaker
Laura- Running, Neighbors, Unplanned Pregnancies!, Joe constantly calling
Carrie- Robby in Iraq, Branson
Amy- Babies, Sunday School Classes, Harry Potter
Kim- pregnancies, Parkway

This doesn't include my amazing mom, sister and cousins on both sides that have meant the world to me!!!


Anthony said...

Wow, your hair is long... and Laura's is short.

You both look lovely.

Emily said...

Sweet post. You crack me up. :)

Have you finished your homework?!

Tirza said...

Good post.