Monday, October 12, 2009

The Same Kind of Different as Me

This past Sunday I had the privilege of meeting and hearing speak Ron Hall and Denver Moore, the authors of "The Same Kind of Different as Me." Really I was privileged to just read the book over the past few weeks. What a tale! I was moved on so many levels. The tragedies occurring in my city. The love story between Ron and his wife. The friendship that connected Ron and Denver. And most importantly the saving relationship all of the main characters had with their Lord. It made me want to be a better disciple, wife, teacher and friend. It hit me hard when it came to my kids at school. There are several that I teach that are in a cycle of poverty. I pray that I may somehow take advantage of the short year I have with them and that there is some eternal impact from our time together.
I almost forgot to snap a picture after lunch! Grabbed one as we were all walking out the door!

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