Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ladies & Gentlemen, Boys & Girls

The Shriners offered all local teachers and their families free tickets to their circus last night. It was such a treat! All of the acts were very professional and impressive. Caroline was in heaven! She was on the edge of her seat the entire night!
Caroline was too chicken to go up to the clowns, so we let Coop show her that it was nothing to worry about. Yeah, didn't work out as planned.
Chris' mom got Caroline an elephant stuffed animal and it has not left her presence since that moment!

Caroline rode the elephant 3, yes 3, times and the camel once. This picture is not good, but you can see how teeny Caroline looks on this huge elephant! Mommy had obviously left when the decision was made for her to make her first solo ride on a multi-ton animal. Thankfully, she was safe and had a great memory!


AK said...

I wonder how often the clowns have to take pictures with crying children and if it makes them feel bad about themselves because they're always scaring people...

It is SO crazy how little Caroline looks on that elephant! So brave - I'm not sure I would get on an elephant by myself even now!

Emily said...

To Allison's point, my mother has a very similar picture of me crying in the arms of a clown while I'm about Cooper's age, and I never recovered.

Even good 'ol Ronald McDonald gives me the creeps.