Sunday, May 25, 2008


Last night, we went with Joe and Laura to the House of Blues to see a guy I grew up with named Jonathan Cook play with his band. They are called Forever the Sickest Kids and they are all from the DFW area. I knew that he was in a band, but after much hard work, they are starting to make it BIG!! The are signed with Universal and they have been on the Billboard charts for the past 3 weeks. I bought their CD and knew it was fabulous (Best Buy, Target, GO GET IT), but I was excited to hear them in concert.

We walked up to the H.o.B. and quickly realized that besides the chaperones, we were sort of the oldest people there and were also part of a very small majority of people wearing clothes that were our size. Anyway, the atmosphere was great and there were a ton of people there! I have posted a few of the funniest examples of the attire we saw...

OK, it's not really the pants, but the pants-purse combo. Yes this is a guy...

Another guy... I just wanted to hug him and say "Bless your heart, I'm so sorry you had to borrow your little sister's shorts!"

Another pants-purse combo mistake. Yes it's a guy.

Our only girl winners. We called them Big Bird and Cookie Monster.

We watched two bands that went on before theirs and were unimpressed. One of them was Metro Station (one of the guys is Mylie Cyrus' brother) and they were creepy and really not that good.

Jonathan came out during Metro Station's set and said hi to us and we got to chat for a while. I am so proud of the way that he is holding his own in a culture that is constantly attacking what he stands for!

Laura and me trying to fit in.

So it comes time for FTSK to come out and from the first note I was thrilled! They were in a totally different league than the bands that played before them. They were so much fun and SO talented. Jonathan was a great frontman and kept the crowd really excited. SIDE NOTE- thankfully most of the teeny boppers left when the Cyrus guy was done and the crowd filled in with an older crowd. By older I mean, they didn't have braces.

Ok, we aren't sure what the whole making the heart shape out of your hands thing meant, but everyone was doing it and we didn't want to stand out. It was a losing battle. Another friend of ours was there and he is younger than me and got called "Sir".

Anyway, they put on an amazing show and I was so proud! They are very talented and I see a great future for them.

Check out their song Whoa Oh on ITunes (and on the video below). Laura and I also like Phone Call and Hey Brittany. Support these guys!


AK said...

Ok. Now I'm so mad we didn't see them when they were here. Too bad the HOB concert wasn't a week later! Oh well. We'll just have to suck it up and pay the outrageous ticket prices next time they come around!

Sara S. said...

I am laughing outloud at the pants/purse combo pictures! Too funny!

Adrian said...

Jonathan Roye, if you remember him, actually mixed and produced their album. I'm glad I can listen to their music without witnessing the crowd's inability to dress themselves!

Haley Frederick said...

So the boys with the really short and tight shorts didn't even have good legs! They were flabby and white. Gross! I guess it does show my age that one thought I had while looking at those pictures was ,"who knew that boys were carrying purses these days?"
At least I have heard of the band, though. I am still in touch... a little.