Monday, May 12, 2008

This was a wonderful Mothers Day weekend! I got a new iPod- Thanks honey! My favorite part is our yearly tradition to eat at the Fort Worth Club. It is a really neat place for our family. I remember being a little girl and dressing up and learning all of the little etiquette rules. I was sure I looked was older than I was. Chris and I also ate there for dinner all by ourselves before my senior prom.
They have a great brunch. Dad and I have an eating. We eat 2 courses of breakfast- omelet for the first, then waffles for the second. Then we move on to lunch- meat, potatoes, etc. Lastly is dessert. My choice was bread pudding. Dad's was key lime pie. After we ate we both commented on nice it would be to go into one of the hotel rooms on the floors below and just fall into bed!

It was also really special to have my grandmother there with us. Four generations of ladies- so special!


AK said...

Grandmother looks so pretty! (of course, all the ladies do!) I don't have to tell you how jealous I am that we weren't there...

Kristen said...

We LOVE Fort Worth Club! We go every Christmas, it is SO yummy. I love the breakfast, and Jason loves the pudding parfaits- and mimosas, of COURSE!!
That is a great picture of you and your mother and your grandmother- beautiful ladies!!!