Friday, May 16, 2008

I have taken a few weeks off with this posting, but it is FRIDAY and I am so excited! Here are my 5 Favorite "Lovey" Movies. It's a random subject, but I saw some of these on the TV lately and it made me think.
  1. My Big Fat Greek Wedding- Anyone who has a crazy family or has planned a wedding in the past few years can relate to this film. i HAVE BOTH! I laughed so hard at so many parts!! The bundt cake, the inlaws, the windex, bridesmaids dresses, the zit... classic.
  2. Moulin Rouge- The first time I watched this I turned it off after the first 10 minutes, but after I was forced to watch it, I could not turn it off! The music is so good! My sister, cousins and so many of my girlfriends and I have sung our hearts out to this soundtrack!
  3. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days- Kate and Matthew are just gorgeous in this movie! They have the best chemistry. I love watching people be uncomfortable. When she comes into his poker party and acts all crazy in front of his friends, I just die!!
  4. The Notebook- I sob every time I watch this movie! I love the era that it is set in. For some reason it seems so romantic. I love Noah's character and I love movies where they flash back.
  5. Pride and Prejudice- This is my all time favorite movie! It has to be the most romantic story every told. It is squeaky clean, but so intense! You are just holding your breath to see Lizzie and Darcy get together!



AK said...

Return to Me - I literally SOB when he's sitting on the floor with the dog after his wife dies (no worries, people, if you haven't seen it she dies at the beginning)

Sabrina (the newer one) - I just love it. Anything that has French or Italian music playing throughout draws me in.

Hope Floats - The music is the best. The little girl crying when her dad leaves is the saddest thing I've ever seen in my life.

Any Jane Austen movies. I love that they are definitely chick flicks, but you have to use your brain. All those names and blots keep you on your toes.

Leigh Smith said...

Hi Ashley! I completely agree with The Notebook, what a great movie! And Blake and I actually had Come What May from Moulin Rouge sung at our wedding. I haven't seen Pride and Prejudice. I usually get one chick flick a year, on Valentine's Day. I will have to add that one to my list! We recently saw Atonement and I thought it was a great love story.

I love your blog!

Kristen said...

Moulin Rouge is definitely one of my favs.
I also love You've Got Mail. Meg Ryan is SO cute!
Sweet Home Alabama is a fun one, too.

Good post!!

Amy Sloan said...

I know these are cheesy and out of date, but two of my favs are Notting Hill and When Harry Met Sally. ;)

Emily said...

I would have to add Sweet Home Alabama and Emma to those that have been mentioned, along with The Wedding Planner.

We need to have a veg out movie night. Soon.