Monday, November 5, 2007

"This is why they think Texans are stupid..."

I cannot tell you how many times I said this comment while we were in D.C.! It was really a comedy of errors!
The trip there was quite and ordeal. I think Emily described it best, so I have included an insert from her blog...

We left Friday on The Company Plane and got into Baltimore around 7 PM. We caught a crazy shuttle to the Greenbelt Metro station, bought our tickets and got on our way to Arlington, VA. Once we were on the green line, two men behind us were arguing with conversation laced with profanity. Nice. They started inching closer and closer to one another, and we were certain they were going to fight. This is fantastic for two girls alone on the subway. We were slightly scared so at the next stop we jumped up and sprinted to the next car. With all our luggage. Sprinting.So once we finally got to the Rosslyn station, nearly 3 hours after our flight landed, we got to the escalator to take us to street level. It was the tallest, steepest, most frightening escalator I've ever been on, and I was sure it was Jacob's ladder taking us to heaven. It was that tall and the picture I have does not do it justice.

Here are some pictures of our crazy weekend.

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E-mail the link to all your pics! Have a good day!