Friday, November 16, 2007

In honor of my camping trip this weekend, I am writing my 5 camping essentials~
  1. Apple Cider- I love cooking it in a metal pot right on the fire! Why do I always come home from a camping trip with a burned tongue?
  2. Pig Tails- I used to be a regular pig tail wearer in college, but now I only get to unveil them out in the wild. It really works when you are not going to be showering (NOT one of my favorite camping things!) or if you want to stick a hat on.
  3. Camp Food- I am determined not to have something to do with food in every week's post, but I have to include it this week. I love smores, hamburgers and anything cooked on a stick. My favorite camp food is breakfast. There is just something about eggs and bacon cooked outside!
  4. Camp Clothes- There is never a better time to bust out your fleeces and scarves. It is also acceptable to wear a bandanna, which I believe is otherwise always off limits.
  5. The Campfire- There are so many amazing memories for me that have happened around a campfire. Everything is funnier when it is said by a fire. It makes for such a great ambiance to have the shadows and warmth and crackle. I DON'T love that the smell permeates everything for 5 square miles!


Kristen said...

I am not a big camping fan, but it sounds fun when you write about it. Apple cider over the fire- YUM!! And smores are one of my favorite foods...ever. Have fun!!

Amy S. said...

When are you going to do a Fave Five about Harry Potter??? I mean, seriously :)