Monday, November 15, 2010

Roughin' It

In honor of Chris' birthday, we decided to make a trek out to his deer lease for the weekend. Caroline has been aching to go for years, so we figured she was old enough to handle it. I, on the other hand, could have be overheard repeatedly saying, "I don't love this, but I do love you."
We go out of town Friday evening at about dinnertime. We stopped down the road in Jacksboro to eat at the Green Frog. They have a $5.99 buffet of all you can eat chicken fried steak and fish. Caroline was beyond excited. We needed to tie her to her to get her to sit down!

When we got there that night, there was a rather large infestation of wasps in Chris' little cabin (we're not going to dwell on that...) so Caroline and I spent an hour in the car watching movies while Chris took care of that. Caroline could not wait to sleep on her first top bunk!
Early the next morning, Chris took the chance to do a little deer hunting while we slept. When we got up, we did various jobs around the ranch- filled feeders, fixed some things on the deer stand, changed some camera batteries, etc. Caroline was endlessly fascinated by the deer corn.

Busy girl!
After lunch we took the dogs out to do some quail hunting. It was really fun to see what these dogs are good for, I mean, how great they are in the field.

Buddy, Chris, Tucker
The trip was a great time for all. It was so nice to get away and not have anything pulling at us. Caroline made some great memories, including losing her first tooth! I actually told Chris on the way home that I could have used another day!

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