Monday, November 15, 2010

Boys will be...

This is a very small picture. It's also kind of blurry, but forever it will make me think of my little 18 month old Coop.
Last week, while Chris was working out of town, Cooper threw my iPhone in the parking lot at the mall. GREAT! Thankfully I was able to get into my car and use the bluetooth inside to call my Hubby. The screen was nothing but multicolored static. Because we don't have a home phone, I had to get it replaced that night. Under normal circumstances, I would never take two small children to the Apple Store, but I was desperate. Thankfully, there weren't too many people in that night, so I could keep a close eye on Cooper as he tootled around while I got my new phone. We were finishing up when I saw Cooper running toward the front door. I called out to him to come back and he turned and started running back to me. At that point, I turned my attention back to the fine man that had been helping me. Next thing I know, I hear a CRASH! I look up and see that My Little Man had grabbed the front floor-to-ceiling display of the store and yanked it to the ground. All I remember was hearing a little whimper and then seeing Cooper head off to inflict further injury on the immaculate store. I couldn't quit apologizing or get out of there fast enough! I immediately called Chris. I just kept telling him that I was laughing to keep from crying! I snapped the pictured as I streaked out of the parking lot.
My Coop is a ball of energy. He keeps me on my toes, but has a very sweet heart. He's not mean or aggressive, just BUSY! Man I love him!

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