Sunday, October 24, 2010


Our sweet friends, the Deanes, have been so sweet to take us to some of the recent playoff Ranger games. It has been such a treat! This past Friday night was the ALCS game 6 against the NY Yankees (boo!!).
As soon as we got there, we could feel the electricity in the air. People were just on edge! We got there early and spent some time taking in the atmosphere.
TBS was there broadcasting and I was able to catch a glimpse of Cal Ripken Jr.! So awesome! He's a legend, and I was quite giddy!
This game was BEYOND intense! Our pitching was on fire and we loved watching the Yankees get shut down one by one! There was lots of high-fiving and the noise was UNREAL! When Alex Rodriguez came up as the final out, the place was ready to explode! When he went down looking, we all went crazy! I hugged every stranger around me and screamed and cried! The fireworks went on and on and they must have spent a fortune on confetti!

After we settled down a little bit, they brought the stage on the field and presented the pennant trophy to Nolan Ryan and the MVP trophy to Josh Hamilton. I could not have more respect for both of these men, so it was a really special moment. It was such an amazing moment!
The Ballpark has never been more alive! The roar went all the way out into the parking lot. Everyone had their windows down and was giving high fives to anyone that passed. We didn't even mind waiting in the horrific traffic!
What a night!

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