Thursday, August 20, 2009

5 Months

This is obviously a few weeks late. Blame it on the end of my 5 month hiatus from all things that have to do with work. I have rejoined the human race and start school officially on Tuesday. Of course, as any teacher knows, the first day of school is preceded by weeks of work and meetings. So all that to say, sorry for writing your blog entry late, Coop!He is such a fun kid!! So many of our friends comment on the fact that they never hear him cry! He is generally very happy and easy to please! I feel like I just turned around and he's grown so much!!

*He loves to laugh at Buster

*He is now sitting up very well on his own

*I expect to continue in the teething phase for the next few months... yeah

*He is getting to where he enjoys time on his tummy. He turns over the moment you place him on the floor

*He's become a "hip" baby. It's so nice to be able to prop him on my hip and I am more than blessed with the ledge to sit him on!

*He is a smiler. It is a rare thing for him to not flash a big one the moment you make eye contact with him

*He's doing great in the umbrella stroller, now if we can get him out of the carrier and into a real car seat I will be thrilled! There is nothing easy about lugging that thing around!

*We've started trying a few finger foods. He's still trying to get the hang of grabbing with his fingers and not his whole hand

Can't believe the next entry like this will be for six months!! This has been so much fun!

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AK said...

He's so big!!! I love listening to Caroline play with him!