Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Loco Coyote

Last Friday night, in the midst of hail and torrential rain, we made the journey with our buddies, the Gentrys, to Glen Rose to eat at one of our favorite restaurants. We had a great time and were STUFFED when we left.
Is it possible to get a good picture with 2 little ones???

Brad's Rib Plate
Chris' Sandwich with 3 Types of BBQ on it
Right when we arrived, Caroline found this poor pathetic volleyball. It was half flat and had been left behind by all of the others playing in the field, but she took it as her own and lugged it around all night! We were calling it "Wilson" by the end of the evening.


icook said...

I LOVE that restaurant! We ordered the onion rings as an appetizer, and then shared them with the table behind us. They had ordered them, but they were all out- and we couldn't even think about finishing them all!!! So yummy

AK said...

That place looks great! I could use some good Texas barbecue!

Brad said...

When are we going back? I want to try some of the other items on their menu!