Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Happy Days

We are now entering my favorite days of the first year! Cooper turned 3 months old yesterday! Time flies! For some reason with your second child they are even more precious and even more easy to miss. With Caroline, we had nothing better to do but sit and watch her every expression. With Coop, we are busier, so I feel like we miss more. On the other hand, I know how fast the time flies, so I try to live in the moment more!
Here's what is going on with our Big Guy-
- He is still huge! His cheeks are so so chubby! He has been in 3-6 month clothing for a month now, so I may end up having to buy more clothes before the summer is over- ah darn!
- He can entertain himself so well these days. He will play on his little play mat for hours! He tuckers out and then takes a little nap. Then he wakes up and plays more. He holds on to his toys and bats at the ones that makes noise. It makes Mommy's life so much easier!
-He is trying so hard to find a thumb. He sucks on his fist constantly. but no thumb yet!
- We have finally gotten the first laugh! He is so much stingier with his laughs than Caroline was. He tends to sit back and watch more than she did, but he is always quick with a smile!
-He is eating at least 6 ounces per bottle every 3 hours, sometimes up to 8! No wonder he's so big!
- He is such a sleepy head- YEAH!! He goes to bed around 10 or 10:30 and sleeps until at least 9:30. Several times this week, I went in and woke him up at 10:30! A friend of ours said "it's like you're living with a lazy college student!"
I am so in love with my little guy (and he's rather partial to me too if I do say so myself!). Can't wait to enjoy these next few moths of happiness before mobility comes!

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Kylene said...

WOW! I can't believe he's 3 months old either! Time sure does fly. Pretty soon, we'll have to get together for some play dates for the boys! That will be fun!