Monday, June 22, 2009

Daddy Day

We started off our Father's Day weekend with a special dinner at Chick Fil A. They did a special thing at our local location where they had a reserved area with table cloths and fake candles and balloons. They met you at the door and waited on you at the table. They even included free milkshakes! It was such a cute idea and we had a wonderful time!
On Sunday, the four of us had lunch together and then headed over to my parents' house to enjoy some New Mexico enchiladas and a slide show from Mom and Dad's Greece/Italy trip. It was a precious day!

I love this picture of Coop. He looks like he is ready to just spring right off of Chris' knee!


AK said...

I love that picture of Cooper too!!

icook said...

That is so cool that Chik-Fil-A did that!!!! What a fun thing.