Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Ready or Not...

I have been leaning more to the NOT side of that statement for pretty much this entire pregnancy! Now don't mistake- I am personally very ready to meet my new little guy ASAP- just ask my shirts with the belly hanging out. But, as far as the preparation for Cooper's arrival, we are moving at a very slow pace. Like snail's pace. Like school zone pace. For whatever reason, I have not been the least bit concerned about even looking at what stuff we have from Caroline and what we need to replace. I have been completely avoiding our office/guest room for weeks in an attempt to ignore what needs to be done.
Honestly I am so much more excited about meeting him and seeing what he looks like and going into labor (weird I know!) than I am about what color his walls are or what he is coming home in. What's wrong with me!!?? Is it the second child thing? Is it the working full time thing? What?
The nesting is slowly starting to creep in however, because I found myself getting up from a nap yesterday and going to each of our closets one by one and making a mental checklist of what I wanted to change in them. ME? Get up from a nap? Unheard of! There are rumblings of urgency, but really it is still very forced.
The main motivation I got was when my boss (who knows the controlling side of me) said, "Ashley, if you don't get everything organized and he comes early, someone else is going to end up doing it for you." That statement got me sweating (or was it a hot flash?). Either way, he is coming in about 4 weeks, so I have to at least begin thinking in that direction.
Chris and I cleaned out a closet yesterday, so I decided that was plenty of work for several days and I will revisit the issue this weekend...maybe.


Brittany said...

I am laughing so hard! I did the same exact thing with Titus! And I am SOOO excited to meet little Cooper as well!

Cara said...

Very funny Ashley. :) I am about 16 weeks now with my first and freaking out because I CAN'T WAIT to put a nursery together, but first we are trying to sell our house AND buy a new one. All in time to try and get things ready before this baby comes. Not to mention...I have no idea how to even prepare for a baby!!!! AAAGGGHHHH!!

Bryan Laramore said...

So maybe this post is really "Girls Only," but I have to say, Ashley, as an uncle of 1.5 (my sis' 2nd is on the way) the second child seems to cause them way less "Hurry up and go" . . . when her first came along, it was as thought the Queen of England was coming! This time 'round, haven't heard that much about it.