Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

This Valentine's Day was different than our previous years. We decided to drive to Dallas to eat at one of our favorite places! This lovely locale is located right off of Industrial Blvd. It even had karaoke (there was a man wearing a large cowboy hat with a big feather sticking out of the top of it and singing into the hugest sound system ever!). We went inside to order our tacos and then headed to the truck to eat. It was a very colorful environment. Every few minutes a preteen girl would come by and ask it we wanted to buy a teddy bear or rose or a balloon containing both.
The view from the truck as we ate

My tacos- no hot sauce or lime on flour

Chris' tacos- no cilantro on corn

There was a young woman outside the door that sells fresh corn! You can add things like cheese, butter or even sour cream! I opted for cheese and butter.
HATE the 9 months pregnant pictures!

We went to the movies after we got back from Dallas and waited with 250 others in line. We got to the front at the very instant our movies sold out. Lovely. Do you people really want to see a large, pregnant woman cry or scream?? In an attempt to avoid a scene, Chris quickly suggested we head home and watch a movie on Pay Per View. We ran by the store to get some stuff to make for dessert and settled in to enjoy the movie.

Hope you all had as great of an evening as we did! There is something so comforting about just doing what you want to do on Valentine's Day. No need to dress up or spend a lot of money- just a good time with the one you love!


AK said...

What is that dessert? I want it.

Ashley C. said...

I just made a huge chocolate chip cookie and pressed it iin a bowl with a ladle and then topped it with ice cream and toppings.